Effectiveness of Electronic Medical Records in Patient Care

  • Kristin L Cannon Medical University of the Americas
  • Dawit S Abraham Medical University of the Americas
  • Argyrios Nikolaidis American University of Antigua
  • Mirsha Stiven New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
Keywords: Health informatics, EMR, Electronic Records, Electronic Health Records, Computerized Provider Order Entry, Medical Records System, Medical Informatics, Electronic Patient Records, Computerized Patient Records


Background: Since being initiated by the United States government, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has shown to improve the quality of care management by increasing time efficiency and guideline adherence. EMR has also reduced medical errors by decreasing medication errors and adverse drug reactions. 

Hypothesis: The effectiveness of electronic medical records to consolidate tasks improves the outcome of patient care and reduce medical error.

Methods: A literature search using multiple databases that include PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, Cochrane Library, ScienceDirect, and Ovid, for journals written in the English language between the year 2010 - 2018. 

Results: 10 articles were assessed; nine articles support a significant improvement in the quality of care with implementation of EMR. One article suggested no association with implementing EMR and improvement in quality of care. Quality of care, medical errors and adverse drug reactions, length of stay, readmission rate, hospital mortality, and patient-physician communications were the areas that identified the most significant results.  

Conclusion: Implementation of EMR has proven to be of benefit to the healthcare system by improving the quality of patient care, reducing medical error and adverse drug reactions. EMR is still fairly new to the US healthcare system and more research is needed to further improve the future of its use in healthcare. 

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